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Track over 40 different areas of your health and fitness from the things we often ignore like water and alcohol intake, to your favourites such as your calorie intake & sit ups.

Fitness tracking app

Track over 40 areas of your health & fitness

We created a beautifully simple interface to house your health & fitness data. Within a single click from opening, you can see your past results or enter new ones.

With over 40 different things to track you can track what really matters to you. It's not just the little things either. Track what ultimately matters - happiness, productivity and energy.

Compare Results

Compare results and see improvement

Rotate your iPhone to graph your results over time and keep motivated.

View recent results, compare by week or month to get the ultimate picture of your improvement.

View your fitness

Know more about your health & body

Monitor more than just your running or basic diet. BodyWise let's you track on parts of your health that benefit your running, strength, energy or just general health.

The best part? It only shows what you want it to show.

Health Tracking Areas

Build a health plan to suit your lifestyle

Best-selling book 'The 4-Hour Body' inspired us to create an app that let you track a few things at a time and adapt it to suit your changing lifestyle.

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