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BodyWise – Create and track a healthier lifestyle

Set, track and smash diet and activity goals


Get a picture of how it all ads up

Every step, bite and goal achieved contributes to your BodyForce points. It’s an accurate score of how healthy your day has been.

Set goals and flick those bad habits

Haven’t had fruit yet? Only taken 4,000 steps by the end of the working day? Your dashboard will keep you mindful and motivated.

Friends that track together achieve together. BYO Bestie

Track privately or challenge a close group of friends and co-workers. You’ll kick up your moviation competing on steps, BodyForce points and encourage each others workouts.

Health Tracking App

Stay motivated

Update your goals as they become easier and progress through BodyForce levels as your healthier lifestyle rewards you.

Learn healthier habits

We’ve sprinkled health tips throughout the app. Learn healthier habits and the surprising truths about what you eat as you go.

Track your diet in seconds, not minutes (and no calorie counting)

BodyWise is as healthy for your mind as body. We reimagined how food should be tracked.

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