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Track more than just steps and sleep

Use BodyWise and sync your Fitbit or Jawbone UP (optional) and do more interesting and motivating things with your data. It’s the training partner you’ll stick with.

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Track over 40 different areas of your health and fitness, from the things we often ignore like water and alcohol intake, to your favourites such as steps & sit ups.

A beautifully simple place to keep track of your health & fitness progress. Don’t just track the basics.


Fitbit Partner Apps+ more coming soon

Connect with your Fitbit or Jawbone UP

BodyWise makes your wearable 10x more useful. Just open your app and your accounts will automatically sync, making getting your fitness data a breeze. We’re working on integrating with Nike Fuelband, Withings and much more!

Competition is the best
form of motivation.

Choose friends to become training
partners and compete with them on healthy living.


BodyWise works away in the background,
updating you every so often with
alerts, milestones and new motivation

BodyWise PT

Get personalised training advice to
live a healthier and fitter life

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