Track your health, activity & body in one place

Design your own health kick and track all basics plus the practical things like Sit-Ups, Mood, Smoking and Body Measurements.

Whatever your goal is, set it and track it with the free BodyWise.

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The simplest diet tracker. No barcode scanning.

food-trackerScanning barcodes and searching through thousands of food becomes tiring pretty quickly.

We stripped diet tracking right back to tracking your food groups.

Get more out of your tracking

healthkit-appBodyWise makes tracking activity 10x more useful by letting you do interesting things with your data.

Just open your app and your accounts will automatically sync, making getting your fitness data a breeze.

Track your little health battles

GoalsSet goals and keep motivated an on track for all your little battles.

Quitting coffee? Want to cut back on drinking or smoking? Want to note your body measurements, not just your weight?

Log Workouts

log-workouts@2xGetting it now? You can track so much more with BodyWise.

With so much data you can do cool things like compare happiness to your workout activity.

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