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About BodyWise

Built in Melbourne, Australia

Company Mission

To push the limits of how data can be used to make you more knowledgable, motivated and successful in achieving your health and fitness goals.

The Short Story

Startup stories always seem to begin with a tale of founders not being happy with existing limitations. We’re no different!

Mike had always been a ‘Quantified Selfer’ but couldn’t find any apps to track¬†both the workouts he was doing and the physical progress he was making¬†when he was trying to regain some fitness and get in better shape after returning from 6 months eating and drinking too much in Canada. He wanted a better picture of his body, health & fitness.

David Banks (a leading personal trainer) had seen virtually every health & fitness app out there. He was training all types. Some ate well but were very inactive. Some exercised hard a few times a week, but didn’t know much about food and wasted all their hard work. He wanted an app that taught people about good food and healthy habits, that let them track anything they wanted and made it easy to track and be motivated by our progress.

The close friends from high school then set out to make an app that fit what they thought was missing.

From Idea to Company

BodyWise was initially created to simply help people¬†journal their health & fitness progress so they could experiment with what worked and what didn’t in their quest to be fitter and healthier.

Our goals have become so much bigger but the core mission of using mobile technology to help users train towards happier and healthier lives remains.

We’ve had¬†a tough¬†task trying to make an app that allows you to do so much so easy to use, but we’ve¬†come a long way and are immensely proud of BodyWise version 3. We hope you like it!

Download the latest BodyWise and let us know what you think.

Quick facts
Created: v1 released September, 2013
v1 Downloads: 35,000+
Funding: Privately funded
v2 Released: June, 2014
v3 Released: August, 2015

The Team

Our team is small and lean. We live and breath what we’re doing and are thrilled that we get to play a part in building the future of digital health.

Mike Halligan


Mike has a background in entrepreneurship, having founded and sold a number of businesses by the age of 25. He runs day to day operations at BodyWise and designed the app.

A keen (but average) soccer player and avid runner, he’s always been curious about his performance and would always be the guy at pre-season training scribbling down his running times and trying to beat them next week.

David Banks

Co-Founder/Product Trainer (PT)

David Banks is one of Australia’s top personal trainers and co-founder of BodyWise. Outside of his BodyWise duties he trains dozens of people around the town that he grew up in, resisting the extra money but lesser satisfaction of glamorous gyms.

Dave¬†also coaches enterprise on wellness in the workplace and is responsible for user feedback and ensuring that the app isn’t just an interesting app, but helps people to improve their health.

Jenna Black

Social Media

Jenna works with both our social media community as well as the personal trainers and wellness coaches that use BodyWise with their clients. Her work strengthens our friendship with our awesome users and keeps us improving quickly on trainers feedback.

Work With Us

We’re bootstrapped and soon to seek a round of funding to kick BodyWise into the next gear or two.

For now, we’re not hiring but soon we’ll be on the look out for the best and brightest.

If you think you’d be a good fit for our happy, healthy and ambitious team, head over to our jobs page and make an enquiry.