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Latest thoughts, inspiration and fitness advice from the BodyWise team.

Finding your fitness routine

Tried running but couldn’t keep the motivation up? What about gym? Not for you? We’ve all been there. The impossibly fit new Mum, the 60 year old benching more than you, your old friend from high school – they didn’t nail it first time. They went through the trial and error to find something that suited them. […]

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Spot reducing – Is it a myth?

Have you ever thought that doing 200 crunches and a one minute plank each day will get you a 6-pack? How about if you did 50 push-ups and 100 dips each day. Would you lose that flabby skin at the back of your arms? Unfortunately the answer is no! Not that all of those exercises aren’t […]

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Breaking Bad (Habits)

A habit is a routine of a behaviour that is repeated regularly. Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form because of our behavioural patterns have been imprinted through repetition. Habits can be our best friend and our worst enemy and it’s the enemy habits that are the big game […]

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Fearing Fitness

When you think of achieving fitness goals, what do you think of? Most of us think about good bodies, hard work, sweat, strength, running, weights and nutrition. Most of us are fixated on what we can visualize. We ignore the most important words in fitness – anxiety, depression, unhappiness and fear. Negativity – the reason you start and […]

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A little lesson about metabolism

Metabolism is a word we all hear about but which few truly understand. We know it has something to do with our diet or how healthy we are eating but that’s about it! When it comes to weight loss, your metabolism is one of the most important things for you to understand in order to […]

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V3 Launch in Mike & Dave’s words

Here we are. Twenty four months in and today we release BodyWise version3. It hasn’t been easy. We’ve worked our normal jobs and toiled over the app morning and nights to get to this point. You know what? It’s all been worth it. We had great success with version 1 (free), but missed the mark with version 2 […]

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How moving neighbourhoods made me fit

I grew up in a nice-enough suburb in the East of Melbourne. Ringwood was a pretty good place to grow up. Safe (arguably), not too small (or too big) and with the kind of people that would say smile and say hello as you walked by. As I grew up, moved out of home and became completely […]

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Six Month Report Card

It’s 4:02pm here on a 35 degree (95F) Wednesday afternoon in Melbourne. Dave and I have had our usual day working from my living room where we work on improving our product and making the dozens of little decisions that we’re faced with on a weekly basis. We just realised that it’s been six months since we released […]

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2.3 Update

One step at a time

  Our latest update came out over the weekend and it solves something that many of you told us you wanted. The dashboard looks nice and gives you a snapshot of how you’re going for the day, but you wanted something to keep you more accountable. Set and manage goals BodyWise 2.3 introduces a brand […]

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Making diet tracking work

Diet tracking can be one of the most motivating ways in which we stay on our health and fitness journey and reach our goals, but why doesn’t it work for everyone? Being involved in the fitness industry for close to 7 years now, I have come across many amazing weight loss stories. People often come […]

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An interview with holistchic Jenna Black

I sat down with Jenna Black, a friend of mine that has transformed her own health & lifestyle in recent years and has started bringing what she’s learnt to others. Jenna lives in beautiful Sydney and mixes her time between wellness coaching and digital marketing where I originally met her. What is holistchic? Holistchic is a […]

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Mike Halligan fitness

An interview with Mike Halligan

Whats your relationship with health & fitness? I was always pretty competitive. I remember playing cricket when I was a kid and creating a database to analyze my batting and bowling statistics over the course of the season. When I got older and broke into the senior team at my soccer club, I’d be the guy scrutinising over […]

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